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Las Resenas Casuales. Baden Bah! "Aleph"

Baden Bah! "Aleph" (p)2012 self-released

The members of this Salamancan four-piece are not that young chicos, but you could say they're 20-something guys because their music is young, upbeat, and vital. The entity called Baden Bah! sporadically exists for almost 30 years (at least the band members confirm so in their press kit bio) but the first album was produced only in 2009. Then it took three more years to record the sophomore release called "א". The cover art may disturb the moralfags (in fact, it's a variation on a painting "L'origine du monde" by Gustave Courbet).
The band is indie to the core wearing DYI aesthetics on their sleeves, but despite the fact their music is not crust or noise or anything like that. It's very clearly played and smartly produced power pop. The voice the band's primary vocalist Juan Carlos Lopez Encinas "Jimmy" reminds me of the 22-Pistepirrko's P.K Keranen. The songs are intelligent and catchy, and they are mostly free from the excessive mood changes and nervous breakdowns. In such cases they usually say something like 'every song from this album could be a hit'. But the Baden Bah!'s lack of careerism and the vow for independence would not make it possible.

The best tracks: Dichosos, Hace Falta Poco, 75 Pesetas, A 3am Del Suelo

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