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Las Resenas Casuales. Baden Bah! "Futuro/a"

Baden Bah! "Futuro/a" (p)2014 self-released
This short album was recorded in Aranda, a home to Sonorama Ribera music festival, right after this year's Sonorama edition was over. The recordings were made very fast (I believe it was like one weekend or so), so it hardly took a month for the whole cycle of recording, mixing, mastering and then presenting the final result to the main digital platforms.
Such overspeeding of the process (I suppose it's not the kind of usual approach even for the truly indie band) didn't spoil the quality. So if you liked "Aleph" (the previous album of baden bah!) like as I did you will definitely like the new one as well - like as I do.

The bandmembers have changed the looks. From the white shirts with black ties and 'aleph' symbols on their sleeves they switched to 'pop art' colourful suits and bright images. Musically, without taking major steps aside the band nevertheless incorporated some additional elements to their core power pop sound.
The tubes in "Iguazu" made me curious of how that song could sound in 2-tone ska key. The Madness-like tubes return in the next track called "Invicto" making this song a potential hymn for the successfull football team. The closing "Alma" started with the simple guitar strumming but then it turned into the emotional and sublime chant orchestrated with cello and synths that fits perfectly for its role. The other tracks are more habitual to the band's template but in comparison with the previous releases from the first song to the last here baden bah! sounds more focused, more concentrated, more intense and apparently more concerned. 

The best tracks: Iguazu, Universo, Futuro

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