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Clara Plath "Grand Battement"

Clara Plath "Grand Battement" (p)2015
The first full lenght of the Murcian female-fronted band Clara Plath follows the path of the last year's EP "Hi Lola !!" - and these are definitely good news because the EP only slightly uncovered the band's potential to create the 'all killer no filler'-plateful of songs. After the album was released physically the band sent me a copy (you may see my happy face below) but I couldn't stand waiting when it would arrive, so I purchased the digital copy on iTunes just to get it faster.
Apart from the track that opens and closes "Grand Battement" (the 2 minute long "Kisses Goodbye") the canvas of the album is divided in equal proportions into the loud smash rockers ("Crazy Liar", "Waiting For My Dog", "Like A Rocket", "American Do") and calmer tracks like "Broken Dolls", "Grand Battement", "Distance" and "Second Floor" where the guitars share the leading role with the keyboards. The both types of songs are remarkable. The Kathleen Hanna-inspired hysterical screams on "Crazy Liar" refrain add some new dimension to the picture, so does the folk tune "Little Sue" only available as the bonus track. The songs are not that polished, they're not that hair-brushed. They're just real. These songs are from that perfect world where "simple" doesn't mean "mediocre", "melodic" doesn't mean "commercial", and "catchy" doesn't mean "calculated".
Under the bottom line "Grand Battement" is a kind of album where you may start to play any song just to give it a try and then accidentally find yourself having been auditioning all the album through for the second round just not being able to press the "STOP" button.

The best tracks: Crazy Liar, American Do, Distance, Waiting For My Dog

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