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Best Of 2018. EPs & mini albums

20. En Septiembre "Adelante" (p)self-released BNDCMP
19. Rio Agra "Rio Agra" (p)Discos FUP/ Caballito BNDCMP
18. Jorra I Gomorra "A Manacor" (p)Bubota Discos BNDCMP
17. El Relevo Aleman "Pterodactilos" (p)self-released BNDCMP
16. Dreyma "Moonlight" (p)Magnolia Damasco BNDCMP
15. Mento "La Caridad" (p)Arcadia SPTF
14. Repion "Donde Escapa La Luz" (p)Galerna Norte SPTF
13. Las Sexpeares "Somos Lo Peor" (p)Dromedario BNDCMP
12. Martes Niebla "Martes Niebla" (p)self-released BNDCMP
11. Banani "Yellow Sound" (p)Hidden Track SPTF
10. Los Marcianos "Nuevo Orden Cosmico" (p)Clifford BNDCMP
09. Cosmo K "Ultimo Disco" (p)Discos De Kirlian BNDCMP
08. DOM "Summertime"/ "Autumn Blues" (p)self-released BNDCMP
07. Bobito "El Verano De Las Cenizas" (p)Flor Y Nata BNDCMP
06. Los Turistas "Casi Tocamos El Cielo" (p)Clifford BNDCMP
05. Ljubliana & The Seawolf "Shit Dope" (p)Bankrobber BNDCMP
04. Lanave "Lanave" (p)El Hombre Bala BNDCMP
03. Chef Creador "Sucesos Extraños" (p)Clifford BNDCMP
01-02. Yo, Estratosferico "Aves Raras" (p)self-released BNDCMP
01-02. I Am Dive "Mauve" (p)WeAreWolves BNDCMP

Heterogeneous both in genres and geography, these short form releases nevertheless have something in common: every entry in this list makes you wish for more from the certain band. 
We're noting some interesting points such as three Clifford Records releases in the Top10, or three stylistically completely different releases from Canary Islands. Moreover, nearly half of the list consists of the names that are new to me. Chef Creador? Ljubliana? Los Turistas, Cosmo K, Martes Niebla, Repion, Rio Agra, En Septiembre? Never heard of them prior to this year. 
Along with the new ones, some familiar names in the fresh wrappers are in the list.
An EP by Bobito, a band spearheaded by Roberto Lopez from Clara Plath - something that Roberto was distracted with whilst his spouse/CP frontwoman was on the maternity leave with their first baby. An EP by Bruno Banani, the former componente of Fuckin' Bollocks and Dulce Pajara De Juventud...

I haven't chosen the one and only winner. "Aves Raras" accompany me from the very first days of the year, while "Mauve" is of the late harvest, but I should declare I can't prefer one over the other. The raw emotion along with the unpredictable melodic twists of the former over the masterfully nuanced sonic perfection of the latter... I could only regret that they haven't added a song or two to their efforts to get promoted into the main Top50 list where they probably would take the same positions as here.

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