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Best Of 2018. Top50 Albums. 31 - 40

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40. Da Souza "Futbol D'Avantguarda
Much-lauded indie pop album is as incompromisingly quirky as hauntingly melodic. Sounds great live.

39. Monte Del Oso "Cosas Que Salvar De Una Casa En Peligro
(p)Farmway/ Underhill

38. We Were Heading North "Lightness
(p)El Hombre Bala
The tender instrumental music that suddenly explodes with the bursts of guitars to shift the focus from the soft pastel cinematic soundscapes to the grandiose God Is An Astronaut-like post rock.

37. Les Atxes "Decora Paneres
(p)El Mamut Traçut
The album shows how to raise a bunch of good songs out of the crooked off-key guitar strumming and the fractured rhythm section.

36. Belako "Render Me Numb, Trivial Violence
(p)El Segell
Four folks from Pais Vasco found their niche in the very beginnig of their career as a band, and they continue to tread the same path since - but every time the result sounds fresh and exciting.

35. Invisible Harvey "No Es Justo Que Llegues Ahora
(p)El Genio Equivocado
Undeniably the best record of the prolific Catalan singer/songwriter Dimas Rodriguez.

34. Cycle "Electrik
The renowned electro band moves into the guitar-driven rock territories with David Tabueña (ex-Mi Pequeña Radio) now onboard.

33. Tuxedo "Tuxedo III
The Valladolid-born slowcore, really beautiful and never boring.

32. Ornamento Y Delito "El Glamour De Las Provincias
Ornamento y Delito released the new album at the very end of December'17. While finalizing my '2018 Top50' preparations I've put it on to listen briefly to a couple of tracks to taste it and in a half an hour found myself with the mouth wide open.

31. The Prussians "Karma
(p)3 Notes
The ultimate 'contemporary indie rock' album. A million of influences, the great sound, the pulsating rhythms, the good vibrations.

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