четверг, 20 декабря 2018 г.

Best Of 2018. Top50 Albums. 12 - 20

Yes, this time it's only nine records in the section. It's because the Top10 will contain 11 albums this year.

20. Tom Boyle "Vuelve A Empezar" (p)self-released
Indie pop + noise pop + dreampop = the best post punk record of the year.

19. El Petit De Cal Eril "El Disc Triangular" (p)Bankrobber
It may sound like pretty simple music but it's hard to split these complex songs onto the components and influences. I liked the previous Joan Pons' effort ("La Força") alot but "Triangle" is even more elegant and beautiful.

18. Loudly "Elfactorgrotesco" (p)Clifford

17. The Magic Mor "Move The Lines To Make Circles" (p)self-released
The highly melodic psychedelic rock - not that kind of 'psychedelic' where psychedelia impacts the structure of songs bringing in all these 7/8 or 11/13 time signatures. It's rather that kind of 'slightly psychedelic' that creates the athmosphere and brings additional width to the sound.

16. Maryland "Resplandor" (p)Ernie Producciones

15. Aldrin Y Collins "Odisea En El Espacio Del Confort" (p)BCore Disc/ Musarañas
As simple as it gets, the best post hardcore album of 2018.

14. Rufus T. Firefly "Loto" (p)LagoNaranja
While being a bit calmer than "Magnolia", the new record doesn't contain such the armor-crashing hit as "Rio Wolf" - but the album works great anyway cementing Rufus T. Firefly's position as one of the most fascinating bands of the scene.

13. Usted "Odoro" (p)Keroxen
I've never heard of Usted before I purchased "Odoro" at Jumping Man record store in La Laguna (TF) just because it was released by Keroxen - a label co-headed by my friend Mladen Kurajica. Anyway it appeared to be the great cross-genre record, as versatile as totally unpredictable.

12. The Crab Apples "A Drastic Mistake" (p)Hidden Track
During the last Primavera Sound I missed the chance to see them live (there were some 'free entrance' showcases and this was one of them). I stayed inside the MACBA building while they were performing outside. Now I feel guilty about that. I should've learned of them earlier.

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