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Best Of 2018. Top50 Albums. 41 - 50

Sometimes I felt it like my second dayjob. With over 330 releases passed through my ears this year it was really hard to make choice - but somehow I finalized this quest. So...
This is where we start!

50. Ofrenda Floral "Las Flores No Me Odian"
The tiny, quiet and naïve indietronica from Gente Joven's mastermind Fernando de la Flor.
49. Aliment "Brother"
(p)La Castanya
The hard-punching punk/hardcore that sonically lies between Flipper and Juventud Juche.
48. Los Jaguares De La Bahia "Canciones Para El Discman"
(p)Gran Sol
Paco Loco-led outfit crosses, bends and rubs out the genre borders under the 'rock music' umbrella brand.

47. Baiuca "Solpor"
Techno producer Alex Casanova melds the Galician folklore with the beat-driven trance music.

46. Juarez "Boreal"
Much more accessible record (as compared to the previous ones) by the band from Navarra.

45. Trituradora "Carneperro"
Recorded live in studio, this experimental rock album is the successor of the likes of Unicornibot's "Mambotron" and Betunizer's "Gran Veta".

44. Escuelas Pias "Musica Ligera Para Un Funeral"
(p)El Genio Equivocado
This is where the dream pop and indietronica have clashed to produce the beautiful, memorable and touching music.

43. Opatov "Botanica Oculta"
(p)BCore Disc/ Famelic
Another stylistically undefinable album from the totally uncategorizable band.

42. Caboverde "La Peor Version De Nosotros Mismos"
(p)The Braves Records
The contemporary alternative rock with thick sound, strong melodies and heart-on-a-sleeve emotion.

41. Autoescuela "Quattro"
(p)Slap! Clap! Club/ Caballito/ Fikasound
Indie pop on speed. 20+ short tracks that demonstrate the unmistakably sharp melodic sense of Pamplona-based duo.

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