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Best Of 2018. Top50 Albums. 21 - 30

We're slowly getting close to the very top...

30. Un Planeta "Arboles"
(p)El Hombre Bala
The sophisticated acoustic folk from the Canarian singer/songwriter Alberto Alonso. The album was produced by like-minded singer/songwriter Diego Hdez.

29. Cuzin "Segunda Toma"
(p)Gran Tigre
The sophomore release by my favourite Spanish post-hardcore band.

27-28. Pasavento "La Trayectoria Ideal"

Bestlife (Under Your Seat) "Changes"
These two albums of perfect pre-Britpop jangle pop are tied back not only to Echo & the Bunnymen but also to The Go-Betweens (you may keep in mind the solo efforts of Ian McCullogh of the former and Grant McLennan of the latter as the good reference points as well). Brit/Aussie/Kiwi-guitar-pop.

26. Jupiter Lion "We Will Lose Gracefully"
(p)BCore Disc
Sc-fi soundtrack for the 22nd century.

25. Lisabö "Eta Edertasunaren Lorratzetan Biluztu Ginen"
The undeclared rerurn of the legendary Basque post-hardcore septet. Ground-shaking, totalitarian, anti-utopian.

24. Subterraneos "Take A Ride"
The noisy gloomy vibrant music by the band from Extremadura. JAMC as the most evident influence.
PS. Every Caballito Records release is in the list. 

23. Jordi Lanuza "Com A Casa"
I feel jealous looking at (as well as listening to) the Catalan singer/songwriter scene...

22. Disco Las Palmeras "Calida"
(p)Sonido Muchacho
The most stripped-down Disco Las Palmeras! album contains their most memorable songs.

21. GAF Y La Estrella De La Muerte "Gamma Bay"

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