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Best Of 2018. Top50 Albums. 01 - 10

The truth is the most part of the year I spent under the influence of writer’s block, the most severe in my life. In my normal condition I’ve been always writing something: the songs, the short stories, the reviews. This year I wrote 8 songs, something like 10 reviews, 2 articles and only a couple of sardonic stories – by my average annual measures it’s almost nothing. Moreover, this blog now is my only practice in English. I used to speak English on the everyday basis a few years ago but on my current day job it’s not necessary so I don’t speak it now. Thus I feel like my abilities are diminishing over time and the writer’s block only expands the inconsistency. The writer’s block ain’t the only problem. The other issue is that I have much to tell you about these albums, or, frankly speaking, way too much to tell. Every album presented in this section deserves large in-depth review because every one is the special one. And I’ve got so much feelings that it’s almost impossible for me to cut them down to the proper words. 
I do ‘the best of year’ list for the sixth time, and this is the first time when I should admit that I’m not capable of doing my work in time. So I should leave the final – and the most important – part of the list wordless. Anyway, I may speak less but my passion is still growing on (who needs the blogger that doesn’t speak anything – it’s an open question though).

10-11. SÜMA "Noble Nature
(p) Mont Ventoux
San Jeronimo "El Sur

09. Chicharron "Cancions Clinicas

08. Vol Menor "Tota Una Vida Perduda En Un Clic

07. Kindata "We The Transmitter

06.  La Estrella De David "Consagracion
(p)Hi Jauh USB?/ Sonido Muchacho

05. Captains "Pure Pleasure
(p)Set Theory

04. The Lazy Lies "Less Talk More Action
(p)U98 Music

03. Burrito Panza "El Nuevo Frente Frio
(p)El Genio Equivocado

02. Hazte Lapon "Tu Siempre Ganas pts1&2
(p)El Genio Equivocado

01. Detergente Liquido "Con Miedo Al Amor Por Las Personas Sin Tiempo

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